[Guide] Dawn of War Soulstorm - Ultimate Apocalypse 1.89 MOD

What is it?

  • An updated version of the Ultimate Apcalypse MOD for Dawn of War SoulStorm
  • Better than DoW 3
  • Massive changes including more paper-scissor mechanics (e.g. anti-tank weapons are more anti tank and less infantry killers)
  • Wall/turrets have gained health, but anti-structure weapons now do more damage to them
  • Looks like DAEMON is it’s own type of unit now with it’s own weaknesses etc (?)
  • Full Log: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y_biT2wxl18XYb2jcmrDj8RUuJpPzUbP-szHJIFpTtw/edit

Where is it?

How get?

  • First put on some fitting music: https://youtu.be/ztzq05IzYds
  • If you have UA previously installed you will first need to uninstall.
  • Go to where you installed the MOD (should be within the SoulStorm folder in your steam directory [Steam\steamapps\common\Dawn of War Soulstorm]) and find “UA-Uninstall” – run that.
  • (Keep the Tyranid Mod Installed)
  • Download UA: [3GB] Ultimate Apocalypse 1.89 Full - Unpack & Play
  • Extract this using 7-Zip and place the contents into your SoulStorm Directory
    (So, the extracted folder’s contents are among your Soulstorm files.
    Example: Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Dawn of War Soulstorm\DoW_Mod_Manager_v2.15
    This process will likely try to write over files you current have but those are just artifacts from the previous UA install so your good to overwrite them.)
  • Within this new extracted folder there is a new DoW_Mod_Manager_v2.15
    (So the first thing mine did was update itself, I’m guess yours will all do that too up to verison 2.16)
  • Running this launcher will return you to a familiar menu. You should be good to go, but incase you want to check, once you get to the main menu of Soulstorm_UA, top left you should have: DoW Engine 1.3.3107442 Ultimate Apocalypse Mod 1.89 Rebalance build 3107442
  • There is a new CPU priority option which should improve performance if running on a smaller rig. Or a potato like me.

Special Note

  • Tyranids: The new updated version actually breaks this mod. UA is only compatible with the previous (if you’ve played UA previously, this is the same version. No action required.) version of the Tyranid MOD. Incase you have done a complete fresh install the link to this mod is here: Tyranid Mod v0.5b2 for Soulstorm file - Mod DB
  • Sisters of Battle HotFix: There exists an AI patch that makes the SoB competent. We (TSA) are not currently using it. If you opt to use it and trying playing with players who do not have it there is a high chance of bugs/errors/desynqs. Should we (TSA) opt to start using it this post will be updated.
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