Guess i’ll make a introduction post as well, for the fucks of it.

So here it is… i’m just a Standard skinny Nerd that likes video games & Anime…
i’m also a big fan of music in general. not gonna bother adding any thing since its so much diffrence stuff that i like to listen to
that i would have to write a damn Book about it Z_Z and i’m not a fan of writing since i have Dyslexia so short is good.

i’m in general a nice person until you act like a dumb sh!t… then bad sh!t happens.
So remember just behave and don’t try to piss me off and we can be good friends :smiley:

[align=center]and here is a link [color=#33ccff]you [/color][color=#9933ff]shouldn’t[/color][color=#ff3333] click [/color][color=#33cc66]this[/color] [/align]

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And that’s Hexy in a nutshell, do watch out for that jump scare though.