Heeeyyooo~ Ryan here

I’m Ryan from Northern Ireland. I’m an avid gamer who likes anime and am an enthusiast of music (my music preference varies from chill to heavy metal, which is basically everything. except i don’t like country or classical :stuck_out_tongue:)

I play a lot of CS:GO and recently Overwatch, but I don’t mind playing other games if you want like Arma, H1Z1 and maaaaaany others idc.
I can be quite shy and not that talkative but once I get comfortable you may want to tell me to shutup lmao
Hope to enjoy my stay.

Welcome to the community Ryan, thanks for introducing yourself.

You’ll have to stop by the 24/7 Smooth Jazz room on the Teamspeak and see if that’s to your taste. I think several of the others who frequent that room have recently succumb to the Overwatch pandemic :stuck_out_tongue:

If you ever need any help me and the rest of the @TeamspeakStaff are always around.

Ayee there we go ~
i’ll give you the badge next time i see you online on Ts
now you can be part of the Avatar squad and have your very own image :wink:
and ofc Welcome to our Community (ouo)/