Help us name our servers!

Only one of our lovingly cared for dedicated servers (the ones that we use to host things like our Teamspeak and Minecraft servers) has been named so far, and since it’s about time for them both to undergo some maintenance we figured that should change.

If you happen to have any idea for a name please post it below!

PS: For an example Vox is the name of our dedicated communication/voice server (yes the one that we host Teamspeak on), ideally we are looking for something like that - short, one word and catchy.

Gareth, Norman, Bob, Steve, Greselda, Ursula, Orlando the list goes on

Maybe Tom? :s

Ah yes, Tom - The mightiest server of them all! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a slightly late update here, we’ve decided to name the server Tower. In honour of the first TSA tower built on HC PvP (the vanilla Minecraft server that the TSA used to play on) back in 2012 (or something like that :P).

As of now the TSA Tower server has been running for 202 days, 12 hours and 27 minutes non-stop.