Let's play some Space Engineers, finally!

A lot of us have Space Enginners so lets play it, if you don’t have it now is the perfect time to get it!

I’ll be starting up a PVE private server for us at 4PM, idea is that we all work mostly together, starting out on a planet where we’ll be sheltered from the more aggressive AIs, then venture out to construct an asteroid base and fight to defend it.

I’ve installed a few mods on the server to give us a much more challenging and interesting space PVE experience, you can get them here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1493634440 (unless you’re @c4192857 you don’t need to download them ahead of time, they will be downloaded automatically when you join the server).

Join the Teamspeak server at 4PM for more info!

Poke @XMB @c4192857 @prudamish @DelSCORCHO @Lord_of_Love @smidget98 @Jamoo

I was wondering if possible, could you turn the auto restart up too every 2 or 3 hours? having bugs with ships and I think more recent restarts would help

Also if possible would we be able to add a few of these? The only thing I feel is lacking is the choice of firepower