HI everybody,

I like to build ships stations. I’m not really into PVP builds mostly because I like to use logic and automation to make ships and stations with functions other than just blow this up or out last that. I prefer using my own creations rather than anything from the dock so server rules sound like the perfect place for me to call home. Hope I can help to make this a community of creativity.

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Hey Zoekoff! Welcome to the community!

Hey and Welcome to our ever growing Community :smile: /
its nice to see more creative souls join us with peace in mind. I can’t agree more with you. Being creative and build your own really cool Ships and Stations is all i’m about. even tho i want to build terrifying ships of mass destruction in case a war breaks out. :skull:

well yes hope for peace plan to be attacked at random by some wandering warlord, same as any new lawless frontier. Having a few “counter measures” is not unwise. :smiley: