Me and Oli think this game is great. Therefore we think others will. I think an open TTD server would be benificial for everyone, plus it being fun. I am very tired due to playing this game. Please. That is all.

Good choice, I am also a massive fan of OpenTTD and have been since the Yogscast streamed it last a few years ago. Have been looking to play it again for a while, this seems like a perfect time.

I shall setup a server soon™.

Ahaha I like the trademark :wink: can you throw up a forum post on it when you’ve got it up, see if we can’t get a few more people interested, cause it’s more fun with more people (as always) :wink: I’m keen for transport sim :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I’ve reached an impass, we’ve got to wait for one of the devs to update the server version to 1.6.1.

The server will be up as soon as they get round to doing that, might be a few days yet but progress has been made.

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