Project Babylon: A Status Update + Testing Phase

Hello it feels like it’s been ages since we last talked about Project Babylon (our modded Minecraft server/modpack) and it has been, but don’t fear the project isn’t dead in fact it’s far from it. I’ve been working on it for a while and I think it’s finally ready to go through some quick testing before it’s released. As many of you TSA members who are attending college know there will be a half term break in 1 week, this is when we will be releasing Project Babylon. For the week running up to that data we will have a server up to test the alpha version of this pack (details bellow) which we encourage you all to join so that you can recommend improvements and find bugs.

[size=medium]Instructions to join the alpha server:[/size]
NOTE: This is a testing server intended for testing as much as possible as fast as possible. Anyone who takes part in the testing will receive 1 ocelot + wolf, 20 diamonds, 50 iron, 100 redstone and infinite dirt when the main server goes live.

Hahaha I’ll test it out tonight, try and break the server for you;)

Something I had to do to save me from getting a shitton of errors: DOWNGRADE TO JAVA 7

Because forge modloader or something doesnt like new java


But thats what you do if you crash on enter :slight_smile:

First observation, quite intensive on the ol’ pc, I’m getting 20 fps which is ok, but considering I have an average pc it could be harder for some of our other members. So maybe something to relieve fps? Optifine or something of the like?

Also I can’t seem to be able to mine stone…

None of the vanilla picks are able to mine, says they can anly be used for crafting, intentional?

But…otherwise so far this is the most stable server you have ever made, and the amount of mods is incredible! Well done Sammy!:))))

:slight_smile: Thank you. I will start looking into all of those bugs and performance issues now, should not take me too long to fix them.

When will the finished server be up?

Logos/banners/icons are done, most crashes are now fixed, Java 8 is now compatible, pickaxe problem is fixed (or rather new way to get started has been found out) and FPS should be improved a bit. Looks like we’re ready to go into beta stage (aka proper server stage) later today.

Cannot hit mobs or place liquid without crashing to desktop in new update.

Fixed in version beta 3.

[color=#ff3333][size=xx-large]Offline for public release later this month[/size][/color]
Project Babylon Server and modpack is currently offline until public official release, hopefully by the end of the month. If you’re looking for a modpack to play until then take a look into our Lost Kingdom of Zoreg pack which will be around soonishishishish.

What has happened with this modpack? is it finished or are you still working on things?

There have been delays, it’s still under construction and I’m not going to give a date for it’s release yet. However rest assured Project Babylon is not dead, it’ll just be ready when it’s ready.