I have an idea were we could all put money together and get some game server’s and maybe get the community more popular any ideas on what we could do?

Maybe we could get a rackserver setup somewere and get popular game server’s on there like unturned and a small minecraft bukkit server.

We have a few dedicated servers in Europe that should suffice for almost everything. Now we just need to decide on some other servers to host.

Minecraft is popular enough in this community to be a must, hence Vanilla Marshmallow is one of the things we’re hosting.

Well i think unturned is one of them out there its hard to find a good server that isnt full and it wont be hard to set up and if you need any help with it im in the teamspeak every day and we could easily get 25 people on daily and i need a new server to go on and i can help with bugs and crashes. :wink:

Setting up an Unturned server is proving more difficult than expected since it doesn’t have proper Linux support (although the developer said they would be adding it in soon) or a proper terminal only mode. For now I’m going to try some tricks with Wine and an Xserver but we may have to wait until they at least provide support for SteamCMD for us to release a server.

Try this seems like it’s easy <3

I do agree with the idea that as a community we have a very much non-existent profile online. At the time of me posting this there are no games which we are actively recruiting people into our community and I do believe that we could do with starting something. It is just a case of finding the right games.

The other side of that is having people to take control of the day to day running of it.

Things to think about i guess and if anybody has any ideas let us know.

There are so many people out there all trying to recruit others that sometimes recruiting a fan base can be entirely pointless.
You’re going to have a hard time building a castle on a swamp. But if you get the basing down first, then perhaps the bricks won’t sink and disappear forever.
E.G, get more well-known onto youtube, such as the current ideas of the tournaments, such as the story ideas – Then we can do community projects.

As for games that are easy recruiting, we have Guns of Icarus and Planetside.

You dont need to be internet famous, of course it helps, it just depends on the game. It is much easier to recruit for an mmo than most other multiplayer genres due to their nature.

It is more to do with people playing one game and sticking to it to make things work.

And we no longer recruit in ps2 due to server populations and lack of interest on our end. I cannot say I have seen any real prescence in guns of icarus, maybe I just haven’t spotted it…

All true, hardest part of building any sort of community on the web always tends to be finding other people who will be active (and awesome :)) members of the community.

Of course having a good website helps too, but I think I’ve got that sorted :P. Oh on a side note I’m working on a new update to this website. The last website update was focused mainly on functionally, this next update will be focused mostly on appearance. However I’m redesigning and recoding the website front end pretty much from scratch so it may be a while before that update is out.

Even though our current problem is getting more people, it should be noted that having an active forum/website is an extremely important thing for communities. While Teamspeak is great for discussion of some things + gaming. When discussed on forums ideas tend to develop and progress more easily instead of going in a circle (where each person who wants to join in on a discussion needs to be told every thing else that has happened so far, in a giant game of Chinese whispers). Even when the community is slightly split up into separate game channels when ideas are focused around the forum previously isolated people will always have a chance to contribute ideas. I’m glad many more of you are making use of the forum :D.

Yeah i totally agree the forums should be a solid foundation for the community and in my opinion an update to its appearances won’t go a miss :stuck_out_tongue:

Over the years we have tried and tested a few ideas, but to be honest we destroy it ourselves with in a week or two. What we need is an original idea, or to jump on the bandwagon of some game early, for instance TUG could be a good one. We really just need to persevere, because otherwise, it just ain’t gunna happen.