Teamspeak Backup Servers

99.48% Availability

At the time of writing this the main Teamspeak server has been online 99.48% of the time since we started tracking that statistic this year. That’s a record we’re quite happy with, nevertheless the recent DDOS situation (which is now happily under control) has reinforced the need for backup servers.

With that in mind we’re bringing back the previously active backup server as well as a second backup server to complement the first. Both of these servers operate on entirely different networks separate from the central TSA one in France and should be more than able to stay online no matter what disasters befall us.

Both servers will be active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week though should only be used when the main Teamspeak server ( is inaccessible. Both servers have the same full voice encryption enabled globally just like the main one.

Backup 1 - UK

Teamspeak backup server 1 is located in a London based datacenter, chosen for stability and low latency.


Backup 2 - US

Teamspeak backup server 2 is located in a Washington DC based datacenter, chosen for physical distance from our Europe based servers and separate internet backbone cables into Europe.


Password for Both: gg

These dedicated backup servers restate our commitment to running stable and secure servers for our community and the guests who choose to join us.