Teamspeak Maintainance 26/04/16 - GMT Midnight

The Teamspeak server will be going offline for scheduled maintenance around midnight tonight GMT time. This maintenance will attempt solve the intermittent connection problems some users are having to the server.

The server should only be down for 10 minutes at most, nevertheless during the downtime all are welcome to use either of our backup servers.

Backup Server Password: gg

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Post Maintenance Update:

Maintenance on the Teamspeak server is complete, all went well and nothing was lost. With luck the server should be even more stable and secure than it was before. We also hope to have fixed some of the intermittent connection problems some users were experiencing.

^ Obligatory cute cat gif for luck (and that’s gif with a hard g).

You may see a message about a server identity change, don’t worry everything is fine, just accept the new server identity and continue to use the Teamspeak.

If anyone has any problems with the server don’t hesitate to contact me @SentinelX101.

Edit: To clarify the hard g on gif is non-negotiable. Steve Wilhite can pry his soft g pronunciation of gif from my cold dead hands.

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