Teamspeak Permanent Channel Policy Changes

Just to let any of you know who use the Teamspeak we are changing around how we handle permanent channels, we will no longer be making every game we once at some time played into a permanent channel. Instead to reduce the clutter we will be focusing more on the use of temporary channels for infrequently played games.

[size=large]Info that I posted on Teamspeak:[/size]
Greetings, in order to make this Teamspeak seem less cluttered we are changing some of our policies regarding permanent channels (both for private rooms and channels under the games section). The idea is that all permanent channels on this Teamspeak must be used regularly by several people to become permanent, otherwise we encourage you to create temporary channels for the games you play (instructions below). We are restricting permanent private channels to people who use them for livestreaming, recording or people who have a large amount of users in that private room.

If you regularly play a game with a group of friends, whether it be on Skype or in a private/temporary room on this Teamspeak we encourage you to request a public channel for the game where one of you can also be made a channel admin of that room. If you have any questions regarding the changes then you can either post on the TSA forums or ask one of the staff members.

[size=large]Temporary Channel Instructions:[/size]
These are rooms that will disappear after you leave them. They can be created quite simply by right clicking on either the games or other spacers and selecting create sub-channel (if a channel is not created under the correct category it may be deleted or moved by staff).