The inter-clan competition thingy next attempt ideas

I know, I know

But knowing the organizational skills of the TSA and probably the same in the I/RCT we need to organize this stuff months in advance to ensure that there are no issues on timing, teams or games.

So onto my personal proposal

For starters we need to bring in the interest. To do this I propose that we don’t just rely on forum posts as most people wont see them due to not having email notifications turned on. So word of mouth (or text) and directing them to the forum post would be the best way of getting interest.

Secondly the amount of people interested may change if the date we set for the events is already predetermined, so after we get at least 5-6 people from each clan interested we can then start discussions of possible times /dates (preferably within a month) which means any other people who sign up need to know that they are dates set in stone. This way we are guaranteed at least 10 people in the competition.

Next thing should be the games, ensuring that these games all of the members of the teams have or are willing to buy. Furthermore that the teams understand how to play each of the games, before entering the matches or have as equally skilled teams as possible.

For the actual event, a rota or timetable needs to be created to ensure that everyone knows when the matches are starting and what game it will be, then it is up to the teams to decide who is playing in each game.

Remember though, everything I have said is just ideas I had, any others could he added though making it too complex would be bad until we have tried a few of these.

@SentinelX101 @CptnCleator you guys where originally talking about this, let me know what you think and any improvements to my ideas that you think are necessary.

Anyway, this was a great idea it just needed better organization, which I can help with.

Message me if there is anything you wanna ask.