The new Free to play Day Z game: Unturned

As the title suggests this is a new Day Z style game that I have been playing quite a lot of over the last few days. The concept is similar to Day Z with PvP, looting, base building and something Day Z standalone does not yet have: Vehicles. Another thing about this game is that the graphics are similar to that of minecraft. It’s very blocky in that way yet is highly addicted as its now on the steam store and youtubers are making series’ of it. I putting this forward because through Steam groups on any server people in the same Steam group have an icon that can be seen from anywhere around the map. If anyone’s interested I have a good server I play on we can easily host a private server for ourselves. I highly recommend this game and if you want there is a one time donation of $5 that allows you to have many more perks (cosmetic and not pay 2 win). On one final note the updates to this game are highly suggested by the community. The developer only adds what the community wants.

If you want to play with me drop me a message on steam: nobleTP

Interesting, I had wondered why several ‘Unturned’ channels seem to have magically been appearing in the Teamspeak as of late :stuck_out_tongue:

The game looks quite cool, I’m imagining sort of a cross between Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, Ace of Space, DayZ and Rust… actually that’s quite hard to imagine but we might record it at some point if enough people like it.

An amazing game i have to admit im the guy who gets people into Unturned on the Teamspeak so blame me aha brilliant game to say it was made by a 16 year old on his own.

The game is fun for the first day but then you sort of have seen every thing the game have to offer, and its just down hill from there.
thats my personal opinion of it though