TSA Events! (All over now)

Good day to you all, due to the fact that for many TSA members the next few weeks will be holiday we will be having public gaming events every week (if all goes to plan) over the next few weeks. This post will have an updated list of everything you will need to know about the events, as well as links to the separate threads for each weekly event. Currently, event weeks will officially begin next week (23/06/14), this week will consist of planning, testing and taking event suggestions (14 - 22/06/14). Please post any suggestions below, as with all TSA public events the community will always be involved with the decision making.

One of the disadvantages of communicating mainly on Teamspeak is that people can sometimes feel split up into only the groups of people that they usually play with, so hopefully this activity will bring together people from all corners of the Teamspeak, and I hope that some awesome things will come from these TSA weekly events.

Current confirmed events:

  • Garry’s Mod Spacebuild Competition Week
  • Terraria - Rise of the Beast
  • Minecraft Voltz Cataclysm
  • Hearthstone Tournament