TSA Tower MK III - Project Pear

We are nearing the time in the server when we shall have enough infrastructure to begin construction of the next TSA Tower, which we have planned as a continuation of our anniversary celebrations.

As I have lots of disposable time due to neglecting important studies, I have compiled a highly sophisticated instructive map on where I think the tower should be built, based on:

  • Terrain (flatness, for ease of build/movement around area)

  • Proximity to useful structures (Villiages, Rougelike dungeons, building materials and fuel sources)

  • General aesthetic niceties (Views, potential for cool, original builds etc.)

I shall list positives and negatives of each area, and allow whitelisted server users to vote on whichever zone they think should be where we build the TSA Tower, or to suggest an alternative.

To view these zones in detail please use the interactive map, found here: http://pear.thesentinelalliance.net:8123

Zone 1


  • Wide variety of biomes, such as Mushroom, Savannah, Swamp and Dark Oak

  • Many rouguelike dungeons and villages on adjacent islands, in close proximity

  • Large flat area to the North East of island

  • Huge amount of woodland on adjacent island to the North, close proximity

  • Large coastal perimeter, plenty of place for easy-to-set-up sea quarries

  • A relaxing beach area for company retreats


  • Not much room for expansion

  • Pretty close to Harry

  • Much of island is hilly, difficult terrain

  • Travel to other parts of map impractical, with water being in the way

  • Pretty close to Harry

##Zone 2


  • Loads of biomes

  • Lots of wood

  • Great views, a bay out front, mountain out back

  • Volcano, small geothermal power source


  • Only small amount of flat area

  • Large amounts of forest means large amount of mobs spawning near us all the time

  • Again, movement to other parts of map impractical, due to many forest, much sea, and very mountain

##Zone 3


  • Incredible original build potential, i.e. a bunker ranging from top to bottom that has huge glass windows on every level, facing the massive volcano (see the ‘X’ for where I am thinking), with a lake in between

  • Huge lava lake with the most amount of lave I have ever seen, equivalent to a Nether sea

  • Large village behind, and a rouguelike dungeon within 50 blocks

  • Close to present position, easy to ship materials over

  • Would mix the fabled TSA Tower with a Lonely Mountain type build, which attracts many members of the TSA


  • Lots of manual digging required, time consuming

  • Not a Tower, more a bunker with bay windows

  • Very steep terrain, difficult to move around (easier with tunnels through mountain?)

##Zone 4


  • Largest variety of biomes out of the choices

  • Huge amounts of big trees, lots of wood

  • The biggest NPC village on map

  • Two rougelike dungeons within 50 blocks of proposed build area (the lake) and each other

  • Great aesthetics, a lake valley, with mountains surrounding

  • In corner of map, looks cosy, very good for defense

  • Easy access to largest body of water on map (on same ocean as our current bases) therefore lots of space for sea quarries


  • Very limited on flat land, therefore I propose we build the tower IN the lake, which would look great, especially with a bridge

  • This means, that for lower levels, we would have to pump water out of the building

  • Limited area for flat land projects, i.e. farms (could be overcome with chunkloaders, automated farms and tesseracts in another area, or on a level of the tower

So there you are, read carefully and take a look at the places yourselves on the interactive map, and make your choice! Also if you have any other suggestions, feel free to add below.

Lets build a tower everyone!

From Jonny with love xoxoxox

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Firstly great post and great use of the forum, very well formatted too. +1 like :stuck_out_tongue:.

I would like to cast my vote towards zone 3, the mountain. Mostly because of its build potential and after further thought potential for power generation.

I am currently using a system involving heat generators in arrays of 10 fully submerged in lava, a setup which produces 567 J/t of power per array and could be used to generate truly awe inspiring amounts of power when integrated with the TSA tower design.

I’m also aware that the other main method of power generation that we are using is through wind turbines, a device which scales in power depending on how high it is placed, and with the mountain being almost at world height this could also be used to great effect.

Ok here is a poll so people can cast their vote on the options. Please do since Jonny spent so long on the great post above.

  • Zone 1 - The Island
  • Zone 2 - The Forest
  • Zone 3 - The Lava Mountain
  • Zone 4 - The Round Lake

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You can also teleport to each zone and have a look with /warp then the zone name (example: /warp zone1) on the server.

Well the polls are closed and the votes are in.

Zone 4 - The Round Lake - 60%

The winner is zone 4, the round lake. A build in the middle of a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains, forest and flat land. I suggest that we have a few discussions on how we’re going to build this and more importantly what shape the tower will be :stuck_out_tongue: ahead of the construction.

I’d also like to propose that because of the proximity to zone 3 that Bees N’ Rails Co (@JonnyCoad @Olimander217) construct a rail line from zone 4 to zone 3 which could serve as a power station for the region, we can even build a lovely lonely mountain style entrance into this geothermal power plant.

Sounds great! Will be away for a couple of days due to uni interview, but I look forward to doing this!