Voltz - Cataclysm

[size=xx-large]-- Test Server Section --[/size]
For those who just can’t wait for the Voltz Cataclysm server, we currently have a test server up, mostly for fooling about on. However don’t grief.

[]Download Technic Launcher: http://www.technicpack.net/download
]Once logged in select Voltz and click on the cog below it
[]Click manually select a build.
]Select the build “3.1.0 - Latest”
[]Then click save
]Click play and the modpack will download then run
[*]Join this server: ded.thesentinelalliance.net

Server IP: ded.thesentinelalliance.net

[size=xx-large]-- Planning Section --[/size]
Once the books of old spoke of a great war, a war unlike any other that scared the land in grand brawls for the artifacts. Artifacts that were the very reason for our existence, and would now be the very cause of our destruction. Yet this was far from being a war of just blood and steel, this was a war of electricity and the malicious contraptions it powered, this was a war of Voltz.

In case you didn’t guess already from the introduction paragraph we are planning a Minecraft capture the flag/deathmatch sort of event which is still in very early planning so please suggest anything you can think of for this event, from rules to victory conditions, also thanks to JonnyCoad for proposing the idea in the first place. Currently we are planning to have a system where several teams are giving a set amount of time to build, expand and prepare for war without the fear of enemy attack. Once that set amount of time ends the game will open up a lot more allowing teams to scout enemies, make alliances and even fight to the death over resources or bases. At the moment with the ultimate objective of securing an enemy teams artefact either by force, stealth or negotiations (although this objective still may change based on feedback).

[size=x-large]How it will work:[/size]
Teams will start with set base locations with facilities based on chosen faction. For 5 days the teams will build up defences and plan their attacks, then on the 6th day the real challenge begins. Missiles will no doubt fly as the rules and safeguards protecting each base will be removed, then for the remaining 2 days at specific times throughout the days teams will attempt to capture each others artifacts. The team with the most artefacts at the end of the 2 days will be declared the winner.

Some of your may know it already but if you don’t Voltz is a Minecraft modpack based around the core mod Universal Electricity with explosive additions such as ICBM mod (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles) that includes items such as missiles, turrets, shields, nuclear generators, radiation, nukes and much more. Probably one of the best packs to have large base battles on, due to the sheer number of weapons and interesting but dangerous systems like the Particle Accelerator.

I definitely like the idea of this!!!

I also think that having something like an artifact, be it a block or statue will also greatly increase the depth and story and ultimately role play that can be achieved by this!

If teams were to have an artifact or flag then perhaps they shouldn’t be able to build like a 5x(height limit)x5 around them, so that at all times anyone can see them, rather than hiding them deep underground, or just covering it in obsidian.

Perhaps the method of securing a artifact could also be relatively simple, such as replacing a block(s) of wool to the attacking team colour, or maybe, even changing a flag’s (be it a 3x5) design and colour.

Also, will this event by the Voltz mod pack on the tekkit launcher? Or have they added one onto FTB yet? Or perhaps this is to be a custom TSA pack?


Interesting ideas, I really like the the idea that the artefact should be visible and above ground with a 5x5 build limit around it, that would encourage people to build some awesome missile defence grid systems above ground and awesome proximity alarm systems :stuck_out_tongue:

It also looks like the default Voltz on the Technic Launcher and the FTB version Ampz on their launcher both haven’t been updated for centuries. So we will likely do a TSA modpack that has the same mods as Voltz did but updated.

Tis Jonny here stealing Oli’s computer. Will be on soon, and will discuss in length, Im really excited for this :))

Right, so I have had work these past few days, and this ‘work’ is just solid photocopying, so my mind tends to wander. So basically I have thought about this a lot, and have considerably planned what ever the hell is going to happen with this, and it could be fun. So settle down and listen up kids, this is going to be a long one :wink:

So firstly lets inject some lore into this Mofo. Basically its set in a slightly different Universe to our one. In this Universe, there are some subtle changes that created huge changes to our world today. Its also set in the future for convenience:

“Its WW2, and the Nazi forces are planning an attack on Russia, using the infamous ‘Blitzkrieg’ (lightning war) tactic that proved so successful in earlier invasions. Critics can see that if the Nazi forces invaded in winter, there would be dire consequences for the Germans. The winter was mild, and the Germans fought off the Russians, claiming Moscow. This changed History forever. The Germans were then able to completely oust all opponents on the western front, so the Allied forces retreated, leaving much of Europe completely powerless to the Nazi forces. It would seem that Britain was now completely open to attack, but its Navy and Air force proved too troublesome for the Germans and they left Britain alone, as it was powerless to attack the continent. Over the years Britain would forge new alliances between nations, including Canada, Australia and many Pacific islands. This new British Empire soon became strong enough to rival the Nazi forces, and Britain began to secretly prepare for war. This may have been a success for the British, if not for what happened next. The Russian forces were pushed away to the Eastern area of their country, where the Nazis deemed strategically useless. The Russians lived in squalor and poverty for many years, the only reason they were surviving in such vast numbers was due to the rigorous plans of the Communist leaders. Everyone suffered. Soon they began to look over at the thriving western nations, and their political differences caused more than a divide, there was pure hate for the ‘capitalist pigs’. They formed a plan, and in the midst of a horrific winter, they crossed the Bering Strait and began an assault on Alaska. Due to their familiarity with adverse weather conditions, and their sheer numbers (for every able bodied Russian was included in this assault, and they numbered in the millions) they crushed the American forces and took back what they sold to America in 1867. The Russians now had a foothold in North America, and they did not relent. The New British Empire heard of the situation, and shipped millions of refugees from Canada to Britain, and then onto Australia, knowing that any attack on the Russians would be fruitless and they would undoubtedly lose a huge chunk of their forces trying. This made the invasion of Canada easy for the Russians, and it allowed them to set up for an full invasion of the United States of America. The idea was simple, spread out the forces of the Russians along the border, and march into America. They would then stretch the Americans to breaking point due to the sheer odds of numbers, it was close to 20 to 1. America soon fell, even though they had better weapons, machinery and nuclear weapons, the sheer number and area that the Russians covered overwhelmed them, and the greatest and most powerful country in the world was wiped off the face of the earth, becoming just another part of the Soviet Union. The next nation to rise up from this world of turmoil was the Republic of South America. This nation was formed mostly by necessity, as the separate countries realised that the huge empires and unions could crush them in an instant. From this came a pact, to work as one country for the well being of its people, and the prosperity of the nations. The huge advantage of this pact was proved when the ever greedy for land Russians began to invade the south. A million Russians went into the jungle, and only one man survived. He spoke of ghosts and eyes in the darkness. The extreme guerrilla warfare that the Republic had fashioned was so effective that no war was brought to any town or village in the entire continent, and peace followed in the ensuing years. Eventually, the separate countries merged into one and the Republic became a nation as powerful as any other, and lived by their values of secrecy and cut themselves off from the rest of the world. Due to the increasing number of nations looking towards Africa to steal the land for their huge empires, the people of Africa began to fight back, first slowly, but then as a huge wave of angered men and women. This wave of rebellion flowed through the continent like a hungry fire, and institutions and embassies were destroyed. Africa was in turmoil. However, some elders of the Masai managed to grab a hold of some of the rebels and educate them of the ways of the Masai. A small Masai force was created, a few hundred men, and they began to take villages and assimilate them into the tribe, much like their ancestors before them. Eventually the tribe had excelled to such a degree that a chain reaction of assimilation swept through the torn nations of Africa, and the Masai tribe became the owners of all Africa. This evolved into a great democracy, and for the first time since civilisation began the entire African continent was at peace. Using the many different wars as an excuse, the Chinese silently took over Mongolia, Nepal, India, Indonesia and many middle eastern countries, claiming all land between Egypt and Afghanistan, meaning that the Peoples Republic Of China became the Peoples Republic of Central and Eastern Asia, commanding almost half of the worlds population under one roof. Finally, the last super nation as they were now being called was formed; The Rising Sun. This was formed, much like the Republic of South America, to combat the bigger nations, and stave off attack by banding together. This nation consisted solely of two nations: Japan and Korea. This is the smallest of the super nations, however their technology far surpasses that of any other nation, so they are largely left alone for fear of what they may do.”

So yeah. These Nations are so powerful that they know any beginning of a war would likely kill everyone on Earth. So to settle matters and debates, they place chosen soldiers to fight against other nations over the internet on a simulated field, to lay waste to each other and crown a victor. I.e. this server. You get to pick a nation and each one has its own starting advantage:

-China: Basic machines to reflect their manufacturing nature.
-The Rising Sun (Japan and Korea): Power armor with some upgrades to reflect their technological advancement.
-Russia: A ton of resources, e.g half a stack of each ore or something similar.
-South America: Loads of Camouflage blocks and a ton of potions and steak to reflect Jungle and cattle ranching in Brazil.
-Africa: An arsenal of weapons and missiles (not too advanced) to show their military prowess
-Nazis: A few railguns and turrets and a lot of concrete to show their high level of defense
-British Empire: Heat generators and energy machines to reflect Iceland’s volcanoes and our green energy choices.

These will be balanced to give each an advantage, but not an unfair one. Also I suggest power armour be added. I would also like to put forward the idea that although Archimedes ship mod is great, it would pose unfair advantages, e.g. a moving base so no one could bomb it. The idea of Cataclysm is to give people 6 days to ready themselves for war, then war on the last day, so no missiles are to be sent before that, no pvp either until the 6 days are up. Also, no outright griefing because then we may lose the fun of the game. This could be reset every week or so and could be an ongoing thing. People can choose their country, and teams of no more than 3 for now, as there isn’t many of us. I also would like us to settle relatively close to each other, for instance if the 7 artifacts for each nation are set in a circle, in missile range of each other? Or if we abolish the idea of artefacts and confine ourselves in an 1000 by 1000 arena (coordinates 0, 0 to 1000, 1000 to make it simple. Could be world edited in, bedrock maybe). Just trying to make it as fair as possible for everyone. Sounds good? Any feedback and queries welcome as always. I was thinking maybe we can make a trailer for this as well to gather interest? Up to Sammy I guess.

P.S. Can someone advertise this to BCSL also? It could be good for the leaders to spread interest for this, we need as many people as possible to make it fun :slight_smile:
Here is a rough guide for those who’d like to visualize the map.