Yo, figured I’d make one of these.

I’m American. Yes, a real American.
Web developer (freelance only), and a big fan of most GTA games. I often script for multiplayer versions of them.

I’m a big nerd. I follow Tolkien’s legendarium, and the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises. I’m willing to bet not many of you can beat me with trivia on these.

I met several TSA members on Mumble, after joining the StarMade server. Seems like an awesome community, so I think I’ll stick around.

Welcome to the community @VortrexFTW, thanks for making a post and it was nice to see you about on Mumble.

Though our recent spree has been exclusivly StarMade we do like to play a fair amount of other games, GTA (although pretty exclusivly 5 in multiplayer thus far) is definatly amung that list @prudamish can attest to that :wink:.

Also nice to see a fellow web developer, although I’ve been sticking to mostly system administration stuff recently.