Warhammer 40,000 Role Play Game Interest Thread

As some of you fine peoples may be aware, I have been attempting to learn the rules for some Warhammer 40k role playing games [luckily the rules system for all the variants are similar and designed to run into each other in any order].

This is merely a preliminary interest form as I am curious as to how many people would be interested in participating.

What is Warhammer 40k:
A bleak dystopian future, where humanity has reached across the expanse of the Milky way to be met with war and death… And Heresy.

The Current idea is to run an event atleast once a week for a few hours in the evening gathering the group for any advancements in your story.
I’d like to begin running sessions in October [giving me time to finish learning the relevant rules and be in a location of decent internet].

What to Expect?
A rough campaign that smoothes out with time [as it’l be my first :sweat_smile:]

What You[Reader] Would Have to do:
-Confirm you are keen and days you are likely to be free [if you know] by following the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeKTvra0v8O7nQ66hG9mDHPWWk--ds10VlTRe-dKMu-VJmvvw/viewform?usp=sf_link
-When we get closer to the starting time and I know who is involved I will provide those with relevant reading/instructions for character creation.

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Yeah totally up for this!

As term time draws near I thought I’d give you all an update.
Learning the mechanics and logics is going well and I have a few base story ideas to put together. So all in all surprisingly well.

Following the vote I’m going to try and run sessions on a Friday or Saturday evening in October. Frequency might shift about and not be as consistent as I hoped given the amount of stuff I’ve subscribed to for this upcoming academic year le cri – but I’ll make a facebook/instant messenger group chat to nail down everything else.

Your next mission, should you chose to accept it, is to think about your character creation.
The base rules I’m going to be running [without all of the expansions to begin with, until we get into the swing of things, or I get the time to actually read them] is Rogue Trader. Which can be found in ‘Remuz RPG Archive’, as shared by Maximus in the TSA group chat, or found via a quick google. You will thus also need:

  • Familiarise yourself [loosely] with chapters 1 -> 4 [which is all about character creation]
  • Your characters name, motives and background
  • Your characters class / background packages
  • I’d like each of you to create 2/3 unique background stories that are either definitive points in your characters lives or perhaps grudges/lovers that you seldom forget. For example
    • Julius Zebedia the Void Master remembers when he had to kill his old mentor, La’Crux Gilderweed for deep seeded heresy. Since then he’s been uneasy in trusting those that are welcoming to others with different cultures. The fate of his mentor has since been kept a secret from the other pupils under his command…
    • Zarcoothian Pota the Rogue Trader won her ship via a poker game that she (cunningly) cheated in. If it wasn’t for that ship her dynasty would never have taken off and received as many contracts as it did. It is rumoured that Helcom Helcroft the adeptus arbite is attempting to hunt her down to question her on this ordeal.

This is both so you have some flavour to your characters, and to help me with some side missions/random events along the way. Such as Helcom Helcroft actually turning out to be an assassin hired by the previous ships owner. And thusly missions trying to outwit him etc.

Things to bear in mind:

  • One of you has to take the Rogue Trader role [or it’ll be really boring with an NPC dictating every direction]
  • Should you want to do anything that is unsupported by the character creation then let me know and we’ll work out a compromise/custom role together. [Say your character is some form of Necrotyr sleeper agent, or perhaps trying to hide being half Eldari. Maybe even specialising in a completely different skill tree but pretending to be something else.]