Warhammer 40k - Soulstorm Crucible Mod - Install Guide

We’re hoping to play some Soulstorm tonight with the Crucible mod by the old Ultimate Apocolypse team

You will need to download the below ahead of time:


After you’ve downloaded the files we’ll want to follow the guide below:

(Just incase i’ve listed the step by step instructions as a backup)
Step by step instructions (if using the installer)
0) - If upgrading from Crucible v1.0x, then this will not be deleted or upgraded. If you want to get rid of your old Crucible v1.0x files, just delete the “The_Crucible_Mod” folder and “The_Crucible_Mod” module file in the Soulstorm directory.

    • Install the Tyranid mod. This needs to be installed into your Soulstorm folder.
    • Install “The Crucible Mod - Core Installer v2.00”. This is a ZIP file initially so will need to be unzipped first (we recommend into the downloads folder and used from there).This also needs to be installed in your Soulstorm folder. It will say “the folder already exists. Would you like to install anyway?” This is fine. Click yes.
    • Install the latest Crucible patch into the Soulstorm folder (this is not needed at the moment as there is no v2.0x patch released).
    • Go into the Soulstorm folder and click on “DoW_Mod_Manager_v2.1.5” application. There is a button top/middle called “TOGGLE LAA”. If the writing below is red,
      click the button, it should turn the writing below green (writing will say Soulstorm.eve: LAA Active" and below that, “GraphicsConfig.exe: LAA Active” when green).
    • Optional (but highly recommended) - go into the “maps-for-download” section of the discord server and download the maps. Paste them into “Dawn of War Soulstorm\DXP2\Data\Scenarios\mp”
    • For PvP we use DoW Online launcher to avoid preloads. Pm the mods for details and help with setup.

If anyone has any trouble please let me know

We’ll be trying the DowOnline client as its supposed to be significantly better connections and patches out most of the preloading errors