Warhammer: End-Times - Vermin Tide

Yet another Warhammer post that I feel is mandatory to post [cough not like TB at all cough]…
This is the newest humble bundle that I unfortunately have posted likely far too late for the TSA to respond justly in time…

At that price (considering the game was quite expensive when it first came out) along with the others (which appear on face value atleast to be quite good) it appears to be an unmissable deal – if you are into that genre.
Vermin Tide is like Left for Dead 2 – only with the Skaven (Rat-men) and instead of guns, you’re in a fantasy setting – so flint lock pistols, axes and magical spells.

For Warhammer fans, this is set in the End-Times, which is just before the Age of Sigmar we see at GW now [where the world was rendered anew and the sheer God might of Sigmar came to save the mortal realm from the clutches of Chaos]

@Core Avengers Assemble!