Whats going on its Jamal

Hey, i’m Jamal from Canada. I love to play DayZ but i also play APB reloaded, and some LoL. If any of you want to play DayZ and team up i would love that. I try to play every single day for at least 2 hours. Thanks for reading! -MysTic

Thanks for registering MysTic, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

You should check out our new biweekly events thread here: https://thesentinelalliance.net/Thread-Biweekly-Community-Events-StarMade, if all of you in the DayZ channel would be up for it a DayZ or Arma event of some sort is defiantly something we could do.

hi sentinel, guess whod be up for running arma 3, 2, and dayz events.

Its me.

Oh, BTW, I’m back :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back Lone :slight_smile:

I can quite easily get an Arma 3 or 2 server and DayZ (non-standalone server) up so if you can think of an event you’d like to run (preferable one that lasts 2 weeks to fit into one of the bi-weekly event slots) then that would be perfect.

If you do think of an event you can either PM me, bring it up in a community meeting (like the once that happens to be tomorrow at 7PM) or reply to one of the biweekly event threads (like this one: https://thesentinelalliance.net/Thread-Biweekly-Community-Events-StarMade).