Zalcens, that's me

It’s ze me, yes!

No! No, No! - Lets take that from the begining!

1, 2
’eh 1,2,3 4…

**Hello, it’s me Anders, rather known as Zalcens online… I’m “New” around these corners. So how do I start off introducung meself for this community? Sure I wouldn’t know.

I’ve read online for tips. but that’s kinda bullshitting up my face due to “Making eye contact” apparently is one of the things you could do to indroduce meself. Well, this is online, hard time "making eye contact around these parts.

So, how do I do it?

From the exact time of writing this, I’m 153,522 hours old

I come from Norway

Male… <–You might have guessed that already due to Anders being a male name and means “Manly.”

I love ze gaming, and always have. anything more you’d like to know? Ask me

I am not quite sure I understand what you said, but welcome! :smiley:

Welcome To Le Forums :wink: